9th April 2019

Vehicle Diagnostics

There’s nothing worse than having problems with your vehicle, such as lack of power, or warning lights on your dashboard. This can be even more worrying if you don’t know what’s causing them.

All modern cars and vehicles have complicated computer systems, for which specialist diagnostic equipment is needed to access. The information given out by your car’s computer can really help with identifying and rectifying issues with your engines management or other electronic systems.

Your dashboard will give you a warning if your vehicle has detected any problems which require action. If this happens, bring your vehicle into the garage before any major problems arise. Ignoring management lights can prove costly in the long run.

Here at Mick Jackson & Co Ltd we utilize state of the art equipment, our diagnostic experts can accurately identify the cause of the problem. Having an accurate idea of the issue will help us to fix it quickly, getting you back on the road in no time!

Call Mick Jackson & Co Ltd on 01302 759797 or email mickjacksonco@googlemail.com to book your vehicle in for fault finding and repair today!

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